“How to Find the Right Partner in 5 Simple Steps”

You’ve been struggling with dates who don't share the same values, who say one thing but do another and who won't tell you what they want. You feel there’s just got to be a better way to find lasting love.

There is a proven system that helps you reach your right partner. In Patricia Fuqua’s talk, she reveals how to get…

  • A crystal clear vision of your right partner
  • A crystal clear vision of how to create an amazing relationship
  • A crystal clear vision of how to clear the block between you and love

Patricia Fuqua Intro:

Patricia conducted over 500 lasting love sessions for women and some men at the Holistic Health Expos. Based on that extensive experience, she used her M.A. in American Literature and Adult Ed teaching credential to write How to Meet Your Soulmate Online in 5 Easy Steps: The 50+ Single Woman’s Guide to Lasting Love. She has a forthcoming book on relationship for men.

She was mentored by Lisa Nichols and Michael Beckwith of The Secret movie and Marianne Williamson, an extraordinary teacher of A Course in Miracles. She’s supported singles to get loving relationships for 30 years. She is most proud of her soulmate relationship for 40 years with her husband.

Please help me welcome her with a big round of applause….Here’s Patricia!