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Meet 1 Man You Like in 30 Days

Some successful and attractive single women have joined online dating sites or met men out and about…but the dates don’t go anywhere.

But other successful and attractive single women have met their husbands on line or out and about.

In their world, it’s not unusual for a woman to know several men that she would marry. These women do not kiss frogs.

Here’s the thing though…

Any single woman can learn the Conscious Conversation. It’s the skill that lets her communicate with awareness and intention, man after man.

It’s a skill that… once you have it… will put your love life squarely in your own pretty hands, as long as you choose to use it.

You’ll never want for male companionship no matter your age.

Met Soulmate in Ticket Line

At a music festival, an attractive man started flirting with me in the drink ticket line. He claimed I looked like his Soulmate. I realized it was a “Patricia” moment and responded in kind.

After getting acquainted better, we traveled to South Africa.
~Sandie Anderson

A Chance to “Elevate” Yourself to Love Goddess

But more than anything else, it is an opportunity to “elevate” yourself…and learn a conversationally valuable skill that will quickly lift you above any relationship confusion…forever.

What’s more you can use this new skill in so many ways.

Use it to turn a date into a boyfriend. Use it to turn a boyfriend into a fiancé. Use it to turn a fiancé into a husband. Use it to keep a husband.

And what fun it is! This life of sitting back with ease and grace just talking to the man of your choice so that you can lead him to ask you out.

Once you have this skill you can confidently decide which man you want to lead to fall in love with you.

There has never been a better time to put your future squarely in your own hands…And not just because of this rare opportunity to learn a fun and life transforming skill like those women who always have male companionship do.

As a woman who knows how to talk to men, you’ll have the skill to persuade a man to want to do as you ask.

Hope Marries Elias

After 2 painful divorces, I decided I needed help to stop attracting negative experiences. I read your book How to Meet Your Soulmate and completed the exercises.

I met Elias in November. We completed each other’s sentences at the end of the first evening. We married in February. I enjoy being treated with RESPECT, LOVE and ADMIRATION at last!
~Hope Caldwell

But here’s why now is the ideal time to see if the Conscious Conversation lifestyle is for you.

$197.00 Can Get You Started…

My accountant thinks I’m crazy to offer such value for this low price. Even though I told him that this is an introduction to a series of courses about relationship, he insists that I should charge $1997 the next time I offer it.

He’s right. Just know that it will go up to $297 in a few days.

The Program has 4 weekly meetings
Meetings: 6PM-7:30PM PDT - 4 Thursdays
June 8, 15, 22, 29

We meet on zoom, a video teleconference platform on line.
You will be sent the link for the course in 48 hours.

5 spots available at $197 for now.

Here’s what you’ll get in 30 days…

—A crystal clear action plan to meet 1 man you’d like to spend time with

—A crystal clear vision of where to meet that man

—A crystal clear conversational plan to talk to the man to find out if he’s someone you’d choose for a date

—A crystal clear vision of your part in a loving relationship

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