Meet Patricia Fuqua, Lasting Love Expert

Is passionate about helping professional women choose to enjoy lasting love on their terms

500+ women consulted her on love and relationship at holistic expos to take advantage of her deep wisdom gained from her experience in the stages of committed love. She's been married for over 40 years to her soulmate-husband.

Professional Women have noticed from Patricia's lasting love mentoring

  • A crystal-clear vision of their ideal man
  • A crystal-clear vision of how to attract and keep lasting love
  • A crystal-clear vision of what blocks them and how to overcome it

She used her M.A. in American Literature and adult ed teaching credential to write How to Meet Your Soulmate Online in 5 Easy Steps. Her mentors include Marianne Williamson, an extraordinary teacher of A Course in Miracles and Lisa Nichols and Michael Beckwith of The Secret movie fame. She trained with Lisa Clampitt’s Matchmaking Institute in New York City.

The video shows you a glimpse into Patricia and Terry’s mutually respectful and loving relationship. However, it is no accident that Patricia and Terry met and stayed together over time. Their love story is a classic example of connection, communication and collaboration. Patricia’s gift is to help professional women sort out their next step so they can have lasting love, too.

Because you've visited this page, Patricia is offering you a Complimentary Lasting Love Breakthrough Session. It’s normally valued at $500. You'll spend 60 minutes on the phone or Skype with her to get a crystal clear vision of your ideal man, your lasting love relationship that you can create together and how to overcome what blocks you from making it happen.

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"Patricia is a powerful and professional lasting love expert who is intuitive and skillful at asking just the right profound questions. She is positive and optimistic, and has excellent listening skills. Working with her has helped me to clarify my personal "stumbling" blocks that had begun to sour my spirit & hold me back from my desired outcomes regarding relationship with myself and men. Through her stimulating & thought provoking questions, I have been able to uncover belief patterns that were preventing me from the truth. I am grateful for our work together.... I wholeheartedly recommend Patricia as a lasting love expert!"

- Teresa L.