What's your definition of the wrong guy?

May 7, 2015 - DayOfWeek - 7:15PM - by Patricia Fuqua

Recently, I had a conversation with a group of single women who shared heart to heart with me about their worries about relationships. They mentioned several worries, but ending up with the wrong guy yet again was at the top of the list.

Today, we’ll address this popular worry about dating. What if you end up with the wrong guy?
Now, we need to get specific and ask: What makes a man wrong for you?
One very vocal brown-eyed woman said:

“He’s a parasite in some way. I take care of his needs, but he doesn’t believe in reciprocity. I go out of my way to support him when he’s having a tough time emotionally at work, but he doesn’t seem to care if I’m having a hard day.
I rub his back but he never offers to rub mine.
I lend him money for his expenses when he has a long month and he doesn’t bother to pay me back."

A soft spoken blue-eyed woman chimed in:

“For me, it’s the ladies man who has a roving eye. Sure, he brings me flowers and candy. He rubs my back and massages my feet. He’s very charming and considerate, but doesn’t have a faithful bone in his body. If I go out with him for six months or more, inevitably, I discover that he is just as charming to at least one other woman even if we have an exclusive agreement. The last wrong man continued to go out with his old girlfriends to movies an outings.”

A frowning dark-eyed woman added:

“I’ve been meeting guys that don’t interest me. I meet them online and out and about. None of them have that certain spark that makes me want a second date. I just don’t think that the men I meet are very interesting and I don’t believe that they are interested in me either.”

If your worry isn’t on the above list, please take a moment and think about your definition of your wrong guy. Know that you can get this fear handled with a program designed especially for you.

Just think... What if you don’t get your fear handled this year? Next year? The year after that?
How disappointed you’ll feel year after year without your satisfying relationship that you deserve.

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