Jim Masters Interviews Patricia Fuqua, Dating Diamonds Coach

January 21, 2015 - Wednesday - 12:52PM - by Patricia Fuqua

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Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Patricia Fuqua of Dating Diamonds

Menlo Park, CA — Both men and women possess a fundamental need to be in a relationship that feels supportive and loving. Studies have shown that people in stable relationships thrive in terms of their physical, mental, emotional and financial health.

Patricia Fuqua is a dating and relationship coach and the founder of Dating Diamonds, a coaching practice dedicated to helping IT & Engineering singles find loving relationships through dining, coaching and matchmaking. As a coach, Patricia brings the experience earned over 40 years with her beloved husband, paying forward the truths and principles of great relationships to help her clients find peace, health and harmony.

“It’s not just about matching characteristics, but rather how do you want to feel when you’re with a person and what kind of experience do you want to have,” says Patricia. “That’s what I offer in core to my clients: the ability to be self-aware so they know their feelings and they know what they want to experience. People want gorgeous juicy relationships. I show them how.”

Since 2008, Patricia has helped single professionals over 40 and over to find more of what they want in a relationship faster and easier than they could ever do by themselves.

“Coaching is about the future and what you want to create,” says Patricia. “I hold them accountable by supporting them in finding what they said they wanted. People make their decisions with their heart and gut and figure out later how to support it with rationale, so it’s all about checking back to what they said they truly wanted.”

In Silicon Valley where Dating Diamonds is based, many of Patricia’s clients are actually quite accomplished professionally. They want relationship stability, but they’ve spent so much time developing their career it’s difficult to shift their priorities, especially if they don’t have someone to guide them or some way of knowing how to do it. That’s where Patricia comes in, to support them in moving from single life to dating for a great relationship.

“My clients often ask me, ‘Where are all the good men?’ ‘Where are all the good women?’ Well, how many do you need? Just one? We can manage that,” says Patricia. “I’m most proud that I’m paying forward the proven information that supports me in my own loving relationship. Love is all around us. We just need to focus to bring it into our own life.”

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