Single Woman: Can You Pass the PPA Test?

June 25, 2014 - Wednesday - 6:15PM - by Patricia Fuqua

Perspective. Possibility. Action.
This tremendous trio will get you to the man of your dreams.

How? Perspective is the attitude that you hold about something. A spiritual law tells us: If you believe that you’ll never get a great relationship, you’re right. If you believe that you’ll get a great relationship, you’re right. Which one will get you the desired result? It’s your choice.

What does Possibility have to do with your results? Well...when your perspective is upbeat and positive, you open up different possibilities for yourself. It looks like this: When I believe that my soulmate can plan an outing that pleases me, I can appreciate whatever he plans. I know that our being together and having fun is the main point.

Last Saturday he came home and said, “Let’s get out and listen to some music.” But where? A quick search on Google turned up that Cascals in Mountain View had a band that evening. We didn’t know what kind of music, but we were open to the possibility.

The band had a passionate fusion of jazz and middle eastern rhythms. Wearing white glasses and a Tito Puente white cap the drummer played so rhythmically and energetically that even the bartender would do a hand clap or dance step from time to time. My soulmate and I did a mean chair dance. Other couples danced standing up.

A good time was had by all.

When I was much younger my perspective didn’t allow for spontaneous fun. If it wasn’t planned, I didn’t believe much was possible. If I had kept that narrow perspective, the outstanding experience I just described could not have happened. Why? Because I would not have been open to it. As an extension of that perspective I would have said:”Never mind, honey. I don’t know that band.” Think what I would have missed!

The connection between Perspective, Possibility and Action is a logical sequence. Change your Perspective and open up New Possibilities because you will take Action that flows from your new perspective. Your Results will be different, too!

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