New Year. New You

January 15, 2014 - Wednesday - 1:51PM - by Patricia Fuqua

If you’re wondering why a reasonably attractive, smart and
pleasant person like you is still alone, you probably need to
manage your first impression better.

Got 90 Minutes?
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Too many singles near or over 40 are making three massive mistakes while dating...Giving a horrible first impression is at the top of the list. How heart-breaking to let something so easily managed stand between you and your great relationship.

How to Mess Up Your First Impression
One summer afternoon I witnessed a handsome single man at my local elegant French bistro throw away his chance to make a great first impression. I was enjoying a glass of my favorite beverage and reading my kindle as this scenario unfolded.

He called a woman on his cell phone and invited her to have a drink with him. The attractive blonde soon arrived... dressed casually in a linen white top and designer jeans.

When she saw his graphic tee shirt, cut off pinstriped bermuda shorts, and old jogging shoes, she sniffed with contempt and almost left at first glance. However, she reluctantly approached his table and looked down on him.

He invited her to sit and asked her what she would like to drink. She declined to sit and said she was going to take a look at a sale in a boutique down the street. She pivoted on her heel and left.

The confused man turned to me and said,”Women! What was that about?”
I put down my kindle and gently asked him, “Why are you wearing
that in this place? You’re a smart and handsome man. You should be wearing something to showcase
those qualities... Of course, she left. You show no respect for a classy woman in that funky outfit.

“Oh,” he said. “I think I learned something.”

Why You Must Manage Your First Impression on a First Date
Research tells us that people form their first impressions about you based on how you look (55%), your vocal tone (38%), and the actual words you say (7%) The dark-haired man got the woman to meet him with his call (45%) but his appearance sent her away (55%).

I invite you to take advantage of my help to date your best matches once, twice and beyond. There is no way to avoid the first impression, so let’s take care of it.