Get Ready to Date Correctly...Get the Right Online Photo

October 3, 2013 - Thursday - 10:15PM - by Patricia Fuqua

Your goal is to have a full social calendar from your online dating accounts. That way you ensure that you have fun dating while you use the Dating Diamonds time-saving system. I suggest that you date at least three men at the same time. How do you make that happen?

Create Your Look
Get your makeup done or do it yourself so that you look and feel your best. Most boomer men like soft, longish and touchable hair. Your makeup should be understated and not overdone. Splurge a bit and get your updated hair style done at a trendy salon.

You can get your makeup done at a high-end department store. (You can get the colors and products at a discount or drugstore if your budget is tight) Make sure you feel pleased about how good you look. Successful mature dating is about looking good so you feel good.

Taking the Photo
Ask a friend who is a fabulous photographer to take close to 20 head shots of you to find one that is so good it surprises you. Make sure it’s at least 20 because taking so many will get you over the hump of feeling shy or holding back on camera.

Or you can get your photo taken by a professional photographer who knows how to interact playfully and help you be relaxed. If you use a professional, make sure your photos look casual. Successful dating photos is about feeling good to look good.

Make the Photo Look Warm and Inviting
As you look into the camera, think a pleasant thought over and over again. Something like: “I enjoy fun and laughter.” Or imagine a lovely scene such as a man who you really like is coming toward you with his arms outstretched to envelop you in a warm hug.

Just remember to think about whatever brings a twinkle to your eye and a smile to your lips. Really get into the mood of imagining something that you enjoy approaching you.

Switch out your photos
Sometimes your photos might not draw many electronic winks from men. If that happens, it’s time to switch them out for others that show you smiling or expressing positive emotions. Nothing is as attractive as a warm smile and a friendly expression in your online dating photo.