Do You Want More than a Handsome Face?

September 19, 2013 - Thursday - 8:57AM - by Patricia Fuqua

Good Tips Come in Threes.
When you are very busy and want a soulmate forever relationship, take notes on what you can do to make it happen. There’s no time like the present to get moving on a plan. You plan for career, social life, and financial prosperity. Don’t leave out the plan for your love life.

1. Decide on your type of guy.
You may prefer that he stand tall, have the alert eyes of a leader, dress in a polished manner or stand apart observing a room, dressed in a purple shirt and tie that shows his creativity. Maybe he should have a cause, long hair, and touch you lightly while passionately speaking to you about the environment.

Whatever type of man you prefer, make sure your love list has qualities that address his mind, body and spirit. The more comprehensive your list, the better quality of your relationship.

2. Choose how you want to feel in your relationship.
There are many ways to feel in your relationship. Perhaps you want to feel pampered because he plans your fun, adored because he pleases you in and out of bed, or maybe understood because he brings stability to your distraction. It's up to you to know what actions and words bring your desired experience so when you meet the right guy, you'll recognize him.

3.Use experience as a great teacher.
Let experience be one of your guides to meet your marvelous man. Dating a lot of men gives you the advantage of seeing the pleasant and unpleasant patterns of what men say and do.

When you spend three or more months dating at least three of them at the same time, you have provided yourself with enough fresh information to recognize what you like and don’t like to experience in a close relationship.

It’s a wise woman who gathers evidence before she makes important decisions. When you want to get some feedback on the data you gather from your dating, you can always contact Patricia. She’ll help you out.