Are You Passing Up Great Guys Who Are Right Under Your Nose?

September 4, 2013 - Wednesday - 11:28PM - by Patricia Fuqua

There are at least three local places to meet great guys. You may wonder why you haven’t seen them, but I want you to see with new eyes. Nice men are everywhere especially near you.

Everybody has to eat. I shop at my favorite grocery store near dinner time. I see a lot of single men shopping there, too.

What an opportunity for single women to grocery shop at that time. If I were single, I’d strike up a friendly conversation about the brands of tuna I saw him looking at with a puzzled expression on his face. I’d give a quick summary of the two brands and a short rationale about my particular preference.

I suspect that he would be so grateful to have direction that he’d remember you if he saw you again. Some men have been so happy about a woman’s guidance that they ask for her telephone number to keep in touch. You could be that woman.

I enjoy walking my dog. There’s a dog park near my house. Many singles live in the neighborhood. I see them walking their dogs with their scooper and bags in hand. I’ve seen them tangled up in the leash with their puppies which need obedience training.

Another opportunity for you to meet a nice man is to borrow a dog if you don’t have one and take it to the dog park. Strike up a conversation with a comment about how cute his puppy or dog is. Men love to talk to women about their dog.

I gave my visiting grandson golf lessons this past summer. There were plenty of men at the local driving range, an excellent place to meet men. There were guys to the right and to the left of us. Some were mature and others were younger.

I’ve experienced that men enjoy helping out a woman when asked nicely. Ask an attractive nice fellow for advice about your grip or your stance so you can hit the ball farther. He’ll oblige happily.

Where are there men that you could meet if you put your mind to it? Think about your schedule and your interests. Just give yourself permission to meet them and get it done.