You Just Want to Have Fun

August 28, 2013 - Wednesday - 2:52PM - by Patricia Fuqua

Fun! Variety! Entertainment! You just want to have fun. You like variety. You like to entertain and be entertained. Your inner desire is to enjoy life. How does that show up in your love life?

When you don’t say “no” at first, you may find yourself dating inappropriate people because you don’t want to offend or upset anyone. Basically you don’t like confrontation. Whenever you have a crisis in your life or you’ve felt overwhelmed, think back to when you’ve said “yes” to someone and you really needed to just say no.

You dread a boring or lonely life because you need variety...variety of adventures and people. If you find yourself jumping from project to project or from person to person, it’s not that there’s something wrong with you. You are being true to your nature.

Generally a very honest and open person, you operate from your perspective which you take as a fact for everyone. That leads you to sometimes over share which can lead to an embarrassing situations at best or really devastated feelings in some scenarios. Remember everybody does not have your honesty or openness.

What needs to happen if you find yourself lonely?
You can develop more concentration skills to stay focused. By now you are aware that you suffer from getting bored easily and losing interest quickly because you want to be liked. Just know that people already like you...but to increase the quality of your love life... before you answer an invitation, pause. Ask yourself if you really want to do this thing or date that person before you say yes.

Now if saying yes to only what and who you really want to engage with is hard for you, click on the Free Conference Call button to get some strategies to support you to get to your real yes.