How to Recognize Your Soulmate at Hello

August 18, 2013 - Sunday - 10:23PM - by Patricia Fuqua

When You Describe Yourself as The Kind of Woman Who...

Enjoys fun,adventure and wants to feel a deep connection with a man's body as well as his heart and mind...the description below describes your most compatible match out of all the character codes available to you.

Know that he will not have every single character trait listed, but he will give off the aura of confidence and competence that attracts you.

His Appearance

Scan a room to see if he’s present...your man:

  • Is one of the sharpest looking guys in the room.
  • Will project confidence, without being overbearing or loud.
  • In a casual setting, he most typically will wear khaki slacks with a polo shirt and a blazer. If he happens to wear jeans, they will be designer in a dark wash.
  • In a more formal setting, he looks comfortable in a suit...usually monotone in color with a power tie. He may wear a dress shirt with a white collar and white cuffs or a pinstripe shirt.

His Manner of Speaking

  • He will make eye contact as he speaks to you. He is not shy.
  • His manner of speaking is frank and direct.
  • He may come across as demanding because he wants to get to the bottom line, now.

His Character Traits

  • He is goal oriented and competitive and likes to win.
  • He may move quickly from one accomplishment to another without stopping to reflect on his achievements...or yours.
  • When he is in a balanced state he can be highly motivating. However, if he’s not, he can be highly judgmental and critical.

Why He Needs You

  • He needs you because you will bring fun into his life.
  • He needs you to plan your fun for you.
  • He needs you because you will help him slow down to recognize and celebrate his accomplishments and yours.