Where’s Your Soulmate?

May 20, 2013 - Monday - 12:46PM - by Patricia Fuqua

A better question to ask is: What makes you a good soulmate? The answer has a lot to do with your attitude. An attitude is mostly about your feeling about something or someone.

If you’re reading this, your attitude is dominated with a need for soul connection...a need for deep connection with others that influences how you dress, what you say and how you say it. You enjoy feeling and experiencing a closeness with another person or a community of like-minded people. Appreciating the uniqueness of another heart and soul leads you to avoid superficial relationships.

How does your need for connection translate to you being a soulmate?

When you know that you crave intimate connection, you can use that need as your filter when you date. No longer will you need to waste time with people who have no interest in a connection with you. You will know how to read them from across the room when you know yourself intimately because you will be looking for someone who has a similar need for connection just as you do.

You will know how to read your date’s character by how they dress, what they say and what they do with you and others. Their driving need will be so apparent that you will be astounded at how much information that you can gather about them before they open their mouths.

Further you will know if you want a second date based on the information that you collect from the first date. When you are clear about what you bring to a relationship, you know what you need and can see clearly if another can satisfy your need. Your clarity helps to save you the anxious step of wondering if you’ve met someone who is just a date or a potential soulmate.

See your dates with new eyes

There’s no pressure...you can enjoy yourself as you see dates with new eyes...accepting them for who they are...and accepting yourself for who you are. If there’s a spark of compatibility, you can fan it into a flame of fun companionship. If there aren’t any sparks, you can just shrug and say “next.”

You leave behind Needy Nora who is the part of you who wants to cling like a vine onto someone who is obviously unsuitable because they don’t want to connect with you mind, body and soul.

Instead you can be Diamond Debra and allow yourself to be the divine diva that you are and thus attract your suitable partners through just being the authentic you.

Isn’t that infinitely easier than worrying if your dates like you?